Oxfam Rich picture 'Water, Women, Work' by David Gifford, Inscript Design, London UK

Strategic storytelling – the importance of sharing stories

This is a cross post from Couravel.com written by Mike Pounsford. The Oxfam Rich picture is by David Gifford. Storytelling is often seen as a communication tool to be used by leaders to influence an audience. But some of the most powerful applications of strategic storytelling involve groups of people from all levels and disciplines sharing their stories and […]

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The Big conversation workshop cartoon notes, graphic facilitation, by David Gifford, Inscript Design, London UK

‘The Big Conversation Workshop’ – the pilot.

‘The Big Conversation Workshop’ enables attendees to run a ‘Big Conversation’ in their organisations using the Rich picture process. This process creates conversations that can drive change and communicate effectively. ‘The Big Conversation’ has been developed by Mike Pounsford of Couravel and I provided graphic facilitation and visuals for the workshops. The pilot workshop was held on Wednesday 17th May at Jerwood Space, Union Street, London SE1. The space […]

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