Work is hard! Cartoons can help.

This month I am launching a series of images titled Cartoons@Work.

Over the years I have drawn thousands of visual ideas for businesses and organisations on many different topics but often around change management, strategy, transformation, and our everyday experience of working life, the challenges, the goals, the pressure and the successes. Most cartoons are drawn live at events in the form of visual notes, while some come from Rich picture development.

Visual notes and Rich pictures are, by design, full of ideas, stories and concepts but sometimes individual images are used on their own as single image cartoons. While most are not available for me to share online, two recent projects allow me now to do so.

The first project is a collaboration with long time colleague and client Mike Pounsford at Couravel.  Over the last few years we have been working on The Big Conversation and Mike is posting a series of terrific articles on his website and LinkedIn around the topic – well worth reading.

The second is a series of cartoons for Richard Merralls at AMI and already being posted on LinkedIn. The topics include Leadership and transformational change.

The first cartoon featured here is from the AMI LinkedIn series for Richard Merralls. This was a joy to draw and a small tribute to the wonderful artist John Tenniel, who was the first illustrator to draw the infamous Cheshire cat, from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, in 1865. You can read Richard’s post here.